Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009:Year of Progress

a year without hardships doesn't give any room for growth. I'm still growing into the young woman i want to be. whether it was trials in school, life as an independent and miles away from home, or my hole-filled pockets.

my new years resoultions:
1. get healthier. i dont believe in diets. hence the word "die" in it. i feel as though people go to the extreme and sometimes starve themselves when they want to lose weight or become more healthy. I want to eat more nutritional foods and exercise more.
2. Make money. I want jobs. Not just one, but more. Its the little bits of jamaican in me that urge me to want it. I also just like to stay busy. I want side hustles, a main job, and an internship. All of those are currently in the works.
3. My main goal is to get on my grind with this blog. whether its posting or promoting. i want noodles and rose' to be out there with a popular name. so although we had a delay. its time to grind.

2008 : Year of Growth

Omg 2008. I really dont think anyone could understand the amount i took in this year. All can say is God put me through it. If i told you all the nitty gritty i been through, you probaly would think it was a movie. And then a lot of you would understand why i am the way i am. Im such a private person now that even my loved ones reading this will have no clue what im talkin about. Aside from that stuff, i can say that ive got my heart broken for the first and last time, i lost 2 amazing loved ones, i turned 18 , started college, lost friends, was a victim to this horrible recession which caused my life and lifestyle to make an complete 180, and for the first time started to live on my own. As much as i hated going through these challeges and heartbreak, i am glad God put me through it because im so amazed with the person i am now. Ive learned so much and i see 2009 being a great year because of it. God is preparing me for something truley amazing.
Also, About almost a year ago, january 2008, i created this blog to share my love for art. The expression and application of creative skill and imagination produced to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power. To be more specific; fashion, music, and lifestyle. the post will still keep comin, hopefully faster lol in 09.

Some New Year resolutions ( im hoping i mite actually follow through with them by me postin em up on here lol)
1. Vegan by the end 09 (i think this mite b accomplished my next month actually)
2. Oprah will kno my name
3. give a lot more time to help those less fortunate
4. win the lotto
5. get a cat and dog and manage to stay alive around them (im allergic)
6. finally leav the past in the dam past
7. to get what i want
8. utalize spell check =P

miami plans got cancled so i gotta figure out what the hell im doing tonight. ugh. all i can say is 09 better be lovely. o shit, nd Obama is our president! =) its really sinkin in now. But yea, I hope those who are reading this and those who are not have a BLESSED 2009+. Thanks for the love.

Back in the day..

i love to laugh. whether im laughin at the jokes or tellin em. i love comedies, improv, impersonations, and funny shows. one of my all time favorites was "martin." although he has the dvds out, i wanna show a clip of a funny scene. I might do this on the regular only cuz its well deserved to be recognize.

My Brown Suga

so i've been in love twice in my life. pretty often for a youngin i must admit. the second time was with a boy but the first time was with music. i grew so passionate about music that i wanted to be an a&r for the longest. im aware its a random career for a kid. the first time I "fell in love with hip hop" was when i first heard the Fugees. They had plenty of hits and good solo ones too, but this classic is a big deal to me. "Fugeela"

B.O.der. {bizarre, outlandish, dreadful and eerie} News

Six Chinese infants may have died from consuming melamine-tainted milk powder and sickened nearly 300,000 children.

Melamine is an chemical used in the manufacture of can liners, flame retardant, cleaning products, fertilizers and pesticides, not in food. Ingestion of this chemical in large doses can also cause kidney stones and other illnesses.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


lmao i love this video, just wish i new what they were saying lol.

Pre Fall 2009 : Missoni

my pics

Half off Wednesdays

i had a blast hangin with my cousins during the holiday break. I swear all we did was shop, eat, and sleep. lol. Before droppin some at Lenox we decided to take a quick stop at a goodwill and a salvation army. For those who dont know; these are actually thrift stores. Instead of goin to urban outfitters and spending 50 on a flannel, you can cop one for 4 dollars ( 2$ on half off wednesdays). My causin even found a members only jacket for like $1.50.

I definatly recomend stopping at one to drop some change and save some cash. just make sure you wash those clothes after you buy em!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you loved me, you would get me this

So everyone knows that i love music, and even at a young age i taught myself how to compose and produce. Unfortunatly my keyboard has been collecting dust simply because i havnt been motivated play nor teach myself anymore. If i got this i would definatly stop neglecting my keyboard.
It's a book of random musical compositions, created by translating colour into musical notes.

jacked from

Friday, December 26, 2008

Diva : This is THE official video

This is what a diva looks like from noodlesandrose on Vimeo.

So this past week Beyonce released videos for her new singles "Halo" and "Diva." Halo was cute and showed Beyonce getting lovey dovey with Michael Ealy. Diva, on the other hand was too fierce for words. Check it out for yourself...

Well...more so a version two. See what had happened was..a little cousin of the family transformed into Sasha Fierce during our christmas party. Once Diva came on, she began gyrating her tiny hips to the beat without shame. We just had to catch her on video.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A simple equation :

the past that is not left in the past, will always affect the future and present.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nobodys Daughter

Courtney Love in UK's January 2009 issue of Elle

Nobody's Daughter is actually the title of Courtney Love's new album set to be released early next year.

Naomi Campbell : Vogue China 2009

Friday, December 19, 2008

something to cheer u up

ok so the recession sucks. this time last year on christmas morning, i was waking up on south beach. this christmas i think im going to wake up in my own house lol. i kno im not the only one who's holiday season is a bit different because of these currnet economic issues. so here is something to cheer you up !

keep watching till the end to see the performance by grace jones. lol too funny, tell me how even oprah was in this christmas special. To get a cast like that in your show you would have to be like oprah or obama.
"i hope it's not a fruitcake!" lol, i bet u do pee wee =). hahaha

Hot Coco

A 10 minute and big-budget silent short film by Karl Lagerfield pays homage to Coco Chanel. The movie took two days to shoot in a studio on the outskirts of Paris. It was premiered in Paris along with a showing of Chanel’s "Paris-Moscow," a luxury pre-fall ready-to-wear collection combined with couture Chanel designs.

Lagerfield gathered some familiar members of his entourage, portraying a young Coco from 1913, when the legendary designer first got in the game. The second part of the film takes place in 1923, when Chanel was already established, and has newsreel images from the First World War. The plot has characters like Chanel’s lover, the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, who she borrowed the pea jacket, giving them a feminine touch.

“Chanel was a charming woman, at liberty to seduce men," says Lagerfeld. In other words..yeah her milkshake brought mad boys to the yard.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kanye and Santogold =) :

New track from N.A.S.A ft. Kanye, Santogold, and Lykke Li called Gifted. the track is pretty dope. Im so happy for this chic cuz she has been grindin for YEARS, and now she has tracks wit jay-z and kanye. If i was her i would say, "ok i can retire now"
click Here to listen
jacked from Kanye West Blog

Queen of B's

Britney Spears, Circus sold 505,000 units in her first week.
Beyonce Knowles, I am Sasha Fierce sold 482,400 units in her first week.

Beyonce had two videos, new movie (Cadillac Records), and intentionally publicizes her marriage for promo.....Britney had a breakdown, baldy, and blue wig.

The Sasha Fierce LP is actually decent. I have a good solid 5 tracks i listen to on the reg. But hey, Hoo-rah for spears. maybe Circus is crakk after all.

Co-sign: Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott is a Missouri-born designer. His clothes are crazy, even yeezy co-signs. Anywho, Peep the shades. some eye candy. corny pun intended. owwww.

Monday, December 15, 2008

If Tim Burton was a designer his collection would look something like this...

so everyone who loves me knows that i love Tim Burton movies. His work is out of this world. literally. So ofcours i went gaga when i saw this show, eventhough it probably had 0 direct infuence from him.
A/W 2008 Alexander McQueen:

alexander mcqueen AW 2009 from Creamcream on Vimeo.

sidenote : Tim burton has a Alice in Wonderland movie in the works. Set to be release in March 2010, staring jonny depp, anne hathaway and Mia Wasikowsa. =)

On some "Devil wears Prada" ish...

whats up world..
yeah its no where close to summer time but if your looking for an internship, now is the time to start applying or start working already for your dream job. if anything, its easier to get an internship for spring (january-may) time frame. if they like you, they may keep you for summer time as well. if interested in spring internships here's a few resume good looks in the fashion field.

NYC- Burberry (pr)
PR Interns Needed to Start Immediately after the New Year!
Preferable Days – Monday, Tuesday and Fridays
Looking for someone: Fashion Forward, Enthusiastic, Detail Oriented, Timely, Fast Paced
Responsibilities: Sample Trafficking/Management – Women’s, Men’s, Accessories and Children’sShowroom ManagementContact Assistant Editors for returns and pick upsReturn UpkeepPress Contact List UpkeepInternational Sample Returns/ShootsPress Release and Look book Mailings
do not contact me unless you can start immediately in the New York office and have the listed days available.
Lindsey Adsit (PR Manager)
Burberry1350 Avenue of the Americas, 14th FloorNew York, New York 10019

NYC- Nicole Miller (sales, marketing: unpaid internship)
Dunring the internship, you will support the sales and marketing staff on a daily basis while interacting with the production, pr, and design dept.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Corresponding with sales executives about merchandise and account needs, corresponding with sales executives about merchandise and account needs, daily showroom showroom maintenance and merchandising, assisting sales dept in the preparation and execution of several regional markets/trade shows, assisting in planning for bryant park fashion week: creating and constructing press kits and marketing tools. Assisting in event planning for corporate reatil stores and trunk shows.

NYC- Allure magazine (fashion intern) *5 spots open*
-2-3 days a week-9am-8pm-MUST be receiving school credit as that is company policy
Duties:-Trafficking samples in and out of the closet-various errands around the city-preparing for photo shoots-various administrative tasks
Looking for:-Someone who works well under pressure, great at multitasking, fast worker
Starts right after the holidays, Monday Jan 5th 2009
Thomas Waller:Allure
4 Times Square, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10036
T:212.286.2589 email:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

nice way to promote a bag

boldness. Marc Jacobs in January 2009 Harper's Bazaar

A picture can say a thousand words

this is the cover of designer Catherine Malandrino's new book which celebrates her decade in the industry. What blows my mind is that she isn't even american and she is from france. It's beautiful to see that america is being viewed as a nation of different races and that blonde hair blue eye standard has been thrown out the window. This picture tells me countless stories of struggles, accomplishments, and change. Hopefully this picture will spark a trend of more sistaahhs on the runway.

"I wanted to celebrate this first step in America."
Catherine Malandrino

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pre Fall 2009 : Rachel Roy

DEFINATLY one of my favorite american designers

who is this chic??

Roisin Murphy - Dear Miami from V Festival on Vimeo.

Roisin Murphy? absolutly luv her style. who is she, im tryna get familiar

Monday, December 8, 2008

wtf?! lol

designed by miguel adrover for Hessnatur. am i the only one that notices the awkwordness in this jacket?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

congrats to M.I.A

wow, i just read that m.i.a got a grammy nomination for record of the year for paper planes.
she deserves it because i sware iv'e heard that song atleast 2 times a day this year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Live @ MTV EMAs 2008) .

my first time seein this...this shit is beatiful lol

Okley by M.I.A

im really feelin those sweaters. Remember christmas is coming up =)
you can get one from : here and here

Monday, December 1, 2008


JCDC in the sky with diamonds from Creamcream on Vimeo.

lol peep the lego hats

eye candy

Miu Miu : $495

Sunday, November 30, 2008

u should know about : Young Cal

Yung CAL was born Chris Radford on July 1, 1987. He is the new season that the hip hop flavor has been missing, a Complete Artist and Lyricist (C.A.L.). Equipped with street savvy and a swagger custom designed for only the hottest, CAL definitely has something to offer the young generation of Rap lovers. Yung CAL has experience, stage presence and a fashion style that many young Rappers lack, making him ahead of his game by a long shot. Yung CAL is in the game, and ready for the play time! Ready to make Rappers get on their game and pick up their pens. CAL started at the young age of 17 recording and writing, making a life changing decision to stop playing Football and dedicate his time to his new found love, Music. Raised in Long Beach, California he represents the streets there and everywhere else. Unlike most rappers, he speaks what is REAL. ‘What happened to Yung CAL’ volumes one and two are his mix tapes that have created a buzz in the music world and an audience ready and excited to hear more from him. Yung CAL has collaborated with many accomplished artists such as Chris Steel, Lebo, Goldie Locc, Lou Urias, and Lil Bob Gotti. He has also worked with many notified producers including, Drummerboy, T-Nut, Chris Steel and Krak Man. Yung CAL is a metaphorical genius with the ultimate package, willing to give the Music industry a fresh breath of creativity. ‘Yung CAL’s the man’, a record label’s dream and a phony rapper’s nightmare. Constantly evolving, eager for change and development, Cal has recently moved to Atlanta in search for new networking opportunities and to spread his music around in a different environment. Brace yourself for the new future in Rap, Yung CAL. Excited to meet the expectations of his fans; he is in it to win it and to make a difference. What happened to Yung CAL? He has been creating an arsenal of new music that the streets can feel. Tune into the radio, and keep your eyes open for him, Yung CAL, the long awaited musical phenomenon.

I was introduced to Cal by a friend of mine. I was definatly drawn to his persona as a artist and i can tell that he is passionate about what he does. The most important thing that i have learned is that you can't respect a artist who is not passionate about what they do/make.
His music is sumthn to listen to.
I enjoyed his traks : dirty money and Ladies Man

Click Here to listen to Young Cal


Fall 08 Look book

Click here to view

How does it make you feel?

I kno im pretty late to review this album but wuteva lol...its crazy cuz everyone who i talked to about this album mentioned sideaffects of depression lmao... iono, i was str8 listenin to it. I pretty much enjoyed it. Not ALL of the tracks are sad souding or w.e. Kanye took a great risk with this album. Not even "I" would want to put my emotions out there. That's just music, but i can only think of a few respected rappers that have done it. but even them didnt make a whole album about it! I loved it though, just wish it was longer. that Pinnochio track is the truth.

favorite tracks : paranoid, heartless, robocop, street lights.

Nikki Farquharson

mixed media girls

Her art is dope! check her out

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He Say She Say!

He Say She Say "Crash Test Dummie" from Noah Banks on Vimeo.

i luv this dam song !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

geeez Grace Jones?

Shot by Andrea Klarin. Wow she is still goin at it
jacked from

MUNNY Sprouts! .
Artist Chris Mendoza will be at Sunglass Hut’s SoHo location in NYC hand-painting 100 pairs of Wayfarers on Black Friday. Twenty-five percent of proceeds will benefit Give the Gift of Sight, a charity that provides glasses for those who can’t afford them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Somethn to think about...

"Compete, Dont envy"

one of my favorite quotes, dont remember who said it tho =/

Redrum Dunny

Artist Frank Kozik, Soft Vinyl Redrum Dunny will be released on the 28th of November. Its 20 inches and will only be released in a limited quantity. $300