Sunday, November 30, 2008

u should know about : Young Cal

Yung CAL was born Chris Radford on July 1, 1987. He is the new season that the hip hop flavor has been missing, a Complete Artist and Lyricist (C.A.L.). Equipped with street savvy and a swagger custom designed for only the hottest, CAL definitely has something to offer the young generation of Rap lovers. Yung CAL has experience, stage presence and a fashion style that many young Rappers lack, making him ahead of his game by a long shot. Yung CAL is in the game, and ready for the play time! Ready to make Rappers get on their game and pick up their pens. CAL started at the young age of 17 recording and writing, making a life changing decision to stop playing Football and dedicate his time to his new found love, Music. Raised in Long Beach, California he represents the streets there and everywhere else. Unlike most rappers, he speaks what is REAL. ‘What happened to Yung CAL’ volumes one and two are his mix tapes that have created a buzz in the music world and an audience ready and excited to hear more from him. Yung CAL has collaborated with many accomplished artists such as Chris Steel, Lebo, Goldie Locc, Lou Urias, and Lil Bob Gotti. He has also worked with many notified producers including, Drummerboy, T-Nut, Chris Steel and Krak Man. Yung CAL is a metaphorical genius with the ultimate package, willing to give the Music industry a fresh breath of creativity. ‘Yung CAL’s the man’, a record label’s dream and a phony rapper’s nightmare. Constantly evolving, eager for change and development, Cal has recently moved to Atlanta in search for new networking opportunities and to spread his music around in a different environment. Brace yourself for the new future in Rap, Yung CAL. Excited to meet the expectations of his fans; he is in it to win it and to make a difference. What happened to Yung CAL? He has been creating an arsenal of new music that the streets can feel. Tune into the radio, and keep your eyes open for him, Yung CAL, the long awaited musical phenomenon.

I was introduced to Cal by a friend of mine. I was definatly drawn to his persona as a artist and i can tell that he is passionate about what he does. The most important thing that i have learned is that you can't respect a artist who is not passionate about what they do/make.
His music is sumthn to listen to.
I enjoyed his traks : dirty money and Ladies Man

Click Here to listen to Young Cal


Preston said...

This boy is the Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

noenoe said...

lol watapp prez!