Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mos Def. Umi Says

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

Yesterday at a approx 5:20 pm, i came home from grocery shopping, left everything unpacked in the kitchen, i dont know why, but i checked my twitter from my phone real quick. What caught my eye was a twit from cnn saying that Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital, suffering from a cardiac arrest. I stopped, prayed and told myself he's gunna pull through, he;s f$%#ing Michael Jackson, he still has this tour, its not his time. Like everyone in the world, i sat glued to cnn waiting to hear what's going on. I didnt think what the outcome came to be was actually going to happen. It's crazy because at this moment in time, everyone around the world were connected, a man whom we all grew up with, literally, was facing his curtain call. I guess i can say we were sorta waiting for an encore, we weren't ready for the end yet. After hearing the official statement from CNN i flipped to bet where they already began paying their respect to THE pop Music icon. Then i cracked. I began to cry but had realized that now we have to celebrate his amazing accomplishments, life, and him as a person. Tears of sadness became tears of joy by what this man has done. I do believe that at times the media treated him like shit, he was misunderstood, but now he is really at peace. No matter what age or race, he left everyone with great music and memories. I can honestly admit that like many others, i made and laughed at jokes about who he became in recent times. I am apologizing and i think other people in the world should because what we forgot was that this man was human. He had feelings and like any other human he lives through love. It's just a shame that we all couldn't apologize while he was here. My prayers go out to his family and the music artists today that will try to top what he has done.

Michael Jackson

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, record producer, arranger, dancer, choreographer, actor, author, businessman, financier
D.O.B: August 25, 1958 Gary, Indiana

Some of my favorite MJ videos

ugh i have so many more...
feel free to leave a comment and share your memories...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dazed and Confused July 09 Cover

Photographer. Mariano Vivanco
Model. Kendra Spears


Backstage Chanel : Resort 2010

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some things will never change

Being the avid music lover that i am, this video clip really challenged my views on the music business. It features Madonna at the 1984 new generation music conference with other artist such as James Brown and John Oats. The debate they participated in bought up great points and opinions at both ends of the argument.

Delfina Delettrez Fendi jewel encrusted skeleton hand



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia

Photograpger. Emma Summerton
Stylist. Patti Wilson
Models. Imogen Morris-Clarke & Abbey Lee Kershaw


N.A.S.A- A Volta ft. Sizzla, Lykke Li, Amanda Blank

Here it is!

My good friend DJ Smiles finally dropped this phenomenal mix! It features Me,Slim of 112,Niko Villamor,Steph Style,o8o and more!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


You Sure Aren't

Meet: Renaldo Nehemiah

One of the elements that enables celebrities and artists to become successful is the way they look. Stylist, Renaldo Nehemiah has the love and passion for his art which draws his long list of clients from Musiq Soulchild to Ludacris to him with trust.

NAME : Renaldo Nehemiah SIGN : Aries BASED : Atlanta GA, from Miami Florida WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING: Faith 3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: Great Wardrobe Stylist (FILL IN THE BLANK) i'LL RETIRE WHEN _____: I style Andre 3000 for his final recording album FAVORITE DESIGNER and WHY: Kanye and Pharrell they always are ahead of the curve. HAVE WORKED WITH: Ludacris, Chingy, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton,Field Mob, Swizz Beats, Bobby Valentino, Tisha Campbell, Nicole Ari Parker, Cheri Dennis, Lisa Hartwell(Atlanta Real Housewives) and list goes on. HAD MOST FUN WORKING WITH: Musiq Soulchild, Chingy, Ludacris LOOK FORWARD TO: Getting better everyday as a Wardrobe Stylist DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Open to new things and not trendy (FILL IN THE BLANK) DONT TOUCH MY ______: Frames(sunglasses) NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: Blackberry HOW YOU GOT STARTED: I fell into styling alot of my friends are rappers and they like the way i dress and they just started asking me to style them FUTURE PROJECTS: Def Jam artist Lil Ru, Atlanta rapper Young Dose BIGGEST CHALLENGE TO GET OVER THAT COMES WITH THE PROFESSION: showing people that a young black male can style both women and men and and be very diverse in their work (FILL IN THE BLANK) I CANT STAND ______: when people are tunnel minded about trying new looks. FASHION SPECTATOR OR INNOVATOR?: INNOVATOR TRENDS/FADS THAT ERK YOU: Chain belts FAVORITE MAGAZINE or BOOK: YOUNG RICH AND DANGEROUS by Jermaine Dupri and MAKE IT HAPPEN by Kevin Liles MOVIE CHARACTER U WOULD LIKE TO BE IN REAL LIFE: Superman because he is two different people that has a great impact on the world by being both. HEAVY ROTATION SONGS ON YOUR PLAYLIST: So Beautiful -Musiq SoulChild, Big Face Hundreds- PLIES FAVORITE QUOTE: Always take the gifts god gives you as a blessing and never take them for granted. LAST WORDS?: I would like to thank you for wanting to feature me on your blog, I would like to thank everyone who supported me, go pick up that Musiq Soulchild Album ONMYRADIO if you haven?t picked it up yet,
RenaldoNehemiah.com is coming soon, but for now go to MYSPACE.com/RenaldoNehemiah if you want to see more of my work.

White Light Syndrome

DJ Smiles is releasing his new Mix, "White Light Syndrome" this week. It features o8o(T!Katz),Niko Villamor and ME(Rome Fortune). Google the names. 

Listen to We Own The Sky ft Niko Villamor & o8o.

Release Party this Thursday at Life. Follow me on twitter or my website for updates and info. 

Monday, June 8, 2009


Photographer. Gregory Derkenne
Model. Anne Catherine Lacroix
Shoes. Nina Ricci


Bitch You Betta! - Jonte

downloading as a ringtone...now.


I. Nicholas Kirkwood
II.Nicholas Kirkwood
III.Chrissie Morris
IV. Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Kid Cudi- Heaven at Night

I usually dont post leaked/unfinished videos on the behalf of the artist/director but i actually really like this video the way it is. The video was directed by Va$htie in summer 2008. She states in her blog that someone leaked the video without permission and that it is not finished. I think cudi has faced this problem with every single he's released so far.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eh Em

Hello readers, the name is Rome Fortune and I will now be contributing to N&R to add a male perspective to this female driven site. I won't do an introduction of myself as my posts will do that for me.  So without further a due.... let's get it started.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Wow, i have no words for this trailer alone. I don't think there will be anyone who will watch this and say that they cannot relate. I am so eager to see this movie. The fact that it was directed by Tyler Perry and Oprah says enough. It is about a young girl who faces challenges from not only the outside world but also at home. They are not ordinary challenges such as getting good grades, or making enough money to sustain a desired way of living, but the challenges that a person can face with themselves like self love and worth. Without that any human being can become a hazard to themselves. I encourage everyone to watch this movie. Just watching this trailer enabled me to relate in some ways and even realize that my actions and words can effect someones perception of themselves and lives. Love is powerful, a simple smile or "how you feeling?" can change someones negative energy to a positive one.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Liu Wen in Vogue China shot by one of my favorite photgraphers, Josh Olins.


Paranoid (The Real Video)

So there was the bootleg, and the unfinished leaked video. Hopefully this is actually the final cut. The video is insane! :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kanye West- Spaceship Ft Consequence & GLC

I used to have this song on reply back when i first heard it. It was pretty much one of my inspirations going through high school while learning a bit about independence and the real world. I vowed to myself that i will go beyond the normal 9 to 5, major in nursing,teaching, working for some asshole doing something that i'll die doing type bullshit. Just watching people everyday living life like that is depressing. The sad thing is that education today is beating this idea into these children's heads. In Elementary school they told us that we can be whatever we want to be from an astronaut to a rockstar and we were so enthusiastic about it then. Now, from high school to college its about playing it safe, give up your old dreams, and do what everyone else is doing. Too many people today fall into that trap and live their lives with what ifs and regrets. What we living here is temporary, I'm just tryna live it up and enjoy it with the time i got.

Stay far from timid, only make moves when ya hearts in it, and live the phrase Sky's the limit, mutherf*cka, see ya'll chumps on top -Biggie