Friday, June 5, 2009


Wow, i have no words for this trailer alone. I don't think there will be anyone who will watch this and say that they cannot relate. I am so eager to see this movie. The fact that it was directed by Tyler Perry and Oprah says enough. It is about a young girl who faces challenges from not only the outside world but also at home. They are not ordinary challenges such as getting good grades, or making enough money to sustain a desired way of living, but the challenges that a person can face with themselves like self love and worth. Without that any human being can become a hazard to themselves. I encourage everyone to watch this movie. Just watching this trailer enabled me to relate in some ways and even realize that my actions and words can effect someones perception of themselves and lives. Love is powerful, a simple smile or "how you feeling?" can change someones negative energy to a positive one.



* jordiebby . said...

omg , i just started tearing up . i want to see that movie now ! i heard somebody talking about it . omg . that's gonna be so good !

Kandis said...

omg all i can say wanna see