Sunday, January 20, 2008


bringin the 80s bak... new shirts by jeepney

Nike Jordan Collezione (Countdown Pack 10 / 13

jus came out yesturday(1/19/08)dont worry they came out in boys sizes too

Zen air max 95s

u can cop at

Saturday, January 19, 2008


4 u LA sneakaheadistas...kendo is havin a 30-50% off sale...start bookin that flight


New issue is still out...u mite wanna cop...maby even subscribe to this mag lol..

new by Cultist

Married to the mob

i luv this dam shirt...haha it speaks for MOB...u can get one on

80s eyewear

yea i kno u been lookin 4 em...who hasnt...u culd iether hit up the vintage stores or cop em hear at

Sadist Pump

Sadist Pump by Hollywood Heals...curtesy of Patricia Fields. i been havin my eyes on these shoes for a while now...crazy?..maby.

as seen on Rhiana..

Marc Jocobs...?

ok yea i kno my jaw dropped too when i saw this 2...Marc Jacobs 2008 shoe collection is full of these jaw dropping creations...fabulous or over the top?? idk....i got my head turned to the side still tryna figure it out...idk.. i say keep it on the runway it looks like someone could get hurt by these...we still luv u marc jacobs...