Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black is made up of bits of pink

My nails are pink and I just purchased a tube of Plumful lipstick from Mac cosmetics. Also, the wallpaper on my computer is of a a pair of pink miu mius and i'm contemplating buying this pink bodycon dress from UO. **transforms...

...what is happening?


on the subject of my pink binge in need these...

Suede sandals by Casadei

Stubborn little girl

I just came across that Style Rookie post on NYmag about a recent post by Tavi. In it she explains how fashion doesn't feel the same anymore as it did when she started her blog 3 years ago. There has to be some name of this disorder, I went through it after the 3rd year of Noodles & Rose. Lol. My explanation...

The love you have for something is similar to the bodies response to a drug. I always loved fashion, but  got into the mechanics of it around when I started my blog. I was obsessed with it, like I am now but in a different way. From collection to collection it was "ooos and ahhs." Now, not so much. I still love fashion and clothing but now I can't walk into a store or view 95% of the new collections without being BORED. I'm bored. I live in Atlanta right now so i'm bored x10. But is this a good or bad thing? I been working my brain with this question since I slowed down the posts on Noodles & Rose (approx. 6 months now). I mean it's HUMAN NATURE. You experience the porsche and then that porsche does nothing for you anymore so you want the masarati.

Right now, my answer to my own question is that it is an exceptionally good thing. Believe it or not I started to question my taste in clothing. I wondered why everyone else thinks something is amazing when i'm unmoved. Was I "un-stylish?".... not at all, I just wanted something better.


Anyhoo... for my 21st birthday, which I will go more in depth about in another post, I went shopping. Or at least attempted to. I went to the basic, H&M, UO, F21, Zara, etc. I bought a new pair of chino's at zara and blouse at F21. Pitiful right? I couln't find ANYTHING that I really wanted. I'm very cheap so I won't buy something unless I really love and see potential in it. Everything in these stores were still stuck in plain jane, hipster fad, u kno like florals and such. It was nice when I was a senior in high school, now I am a junior in college. I was so glad to see many FW collections steering away from this but not everywhere is on that bandwagon yet so until I hit the jackpot I shall be clothes less. I mean not intentionally but I can't buy things that I dont like. One thing I am not is a conformist. I'm stubborn for all the right reasons.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bubble Girl: Black Boost

Too much time on my hands, especially hungry ones during this low sodium crap of a diet :/

Lately I have been craving rich, dark flavor so I came up with this..

Black Boost

(Makes about 1 Liter)

3 black tea bags (caffein)
1/4 cup of pomegranate
3/4 cup of black berries
1 Lemon
2 table spoon of honey
.5 inch of ginger (optional)

Make the tea as you would, blend finished tea with pomegranate, blackberries, lemon juice and honey.

Great drink for an exotic morning boost.

"Black tea has 20% as much caffeine as coffee which makes it a cook pick-me-up tea" - Teavana

Black tea is amazing for the heart (lowers BP) and is a stress reliever

image: Teavana Black tea

Obsessed: Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes_ J*Davey

yayyy for the new EP. It's pretty good and features a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (one of the many repeated songs on my morning playlist). The title leaves me a little weary but I dig all 5 tracks on the EP.

Listen/Download here:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bubble Girl: Orange Gi

Orange Gi Juice

Health is no joke to me so I'm going to be bombarding this blog with random healthy concoctions that I come up with. Hypertension is a road that I'm catching a glimpse of at too young of an age and this is a juice I frequently make to fight BP curves. Oh and it tastes great, unlike all that other healthy crap.


1 can of pineapples or ~2 cups fresh pineapples
1 young papaya
.5 inch piece of ginger
1 tablespoon honey
1 pinch of cinnamon

The White Boot



Balmain FW11 RTW

"Black Swan"

Draggy tuesday night. Watching Sex and the City whilst flipping through and new york mag reviews of the latest fall 2011 shows. First show I flipped to, due to it's frequent tweet abouts on the web today was Chanel. #gag. No disrespect, I love Chanel, I love Karl, but I didn't love this collection. In my opinion, very tall and skinny women in 1.5 inch kitten heels and wide straight legged pants is not flattering. Lately, I guess of the big 21 coming up I have been favoring brands that key into the woman's "womaness" and her sexuality. The boxy, 90's esque trend is making me want to pull my hair out. One show that I think got it right though for fall is Mcqueen. I often times talk about "the world of Mcqueen" and i believe this collection takes place in Madonnas "Human Nature" video (1995) meets Black Swan (2011).

The designers at Mcqueen did a great job yet again this season. They didn't choose to go as far left as other brands have chosen to do. The clothes were sexy and provocative with a hint of "Lady" similar to the movie Black Swan.

*sidenote: I would live if I could see a black model on the Mcqueen line up. LIVE.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lykke Li "Wounded Rhymes"

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (Hype Machine Album Exclusive) by LykkeLi

On the
3rd repeat of this album. I love EVERY song smh.

*catch me at the show may 18th @ webster hall, nyc btw.

Lee Alexander McQueen

“Celebrating the breathtaking imagination and groundbreaking designs of Lee Alexander McQueen, the latest fashion film by Nick Knight pays tribute to McQueen’s sensational creations, stellar career, and most importantly to the man himself. Directed by Knight and set to an exclusive soundtrack by Björk, the film is featured online at”

Watching a video like this or reviewing any piece by McQueen reminds anybody with 5 senses what art is. It reminds me what the value of art is. I will admit, i’m an advocate of “blood, sweat, and tears art.” Simple art can be good, but when you think about it, can it be amazing? People will argue back and forth for years on what “real” art is. Whether you can vigorously splash paint on a canvas out of your current spurt of emotion, or you can craft an intricate couture gown for weeks, the two are still art right?

What is the value of art? In my opinion whether it is priced at 1$ or 1 billion both prices for any kind of piece would be right. Not until I experienced Alexander McQueen; my favorite modern day artist, i was able to understand this concept. Humans have got to be the most intriguing beings on earth. Each of us have unique emotions and perceptions. No two creations can be absolutely the same. Some prefer a still picture to remind us what we saw and how we felt at that point in time. Others prefer what they create with their hands, voice and mind to remind them of and express certain emotions.

There is no such thing as bad art. As a spectator, that’s my opinion.

I can imagine the amount of money i would spend just to sit down and chit chat with mcqueen and ask him, “How did this garment come about?” “Was any part influenced from a past expierience?” “Why this color?”

One thing i’ve realized while dealing with people is how intrigued i am by the link between art and the mind, i probably should have majored in psychology. (art psychology? does it exist?)

Obsessed: From Her Eyes_ Mara Hruby

I was just browsing the web when I somehow found this girls tumblr. I saw that she had a mixtape so I figured, why not download it and I'm so glad I did. I have been listening to it for about 3 weeks straight and still not tired of it. She has some amazing covers of Mos Def's "The Panties" and Bob Marley's "Is This Love." To me, her music is a good mix of corrine bailey rae, res, and adele.

DOWNLOAD it here