Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stubborn little girl

I just came across that Style Rookie post on NYmag about a recent post by Tavi. In it she explains how fashion doesn't feel the same anymore as it did when she started her blog 3 years ago. There has to be some name of this disorder, I went through it after the 3rd year of Noodles & Rose. Lol. My explanation...

The love you have for something is similar to the bodies response to a drug. I always loved fashion, but  got into the mechanics of it around when I started my blog. I was obsessed with it, like I am now but in a different way. From collection to collection it was "ooos and ahhs." Now, not so much. I still love fashion and clothing but now I can't walk into a store or view 95% of the new collections without being BORED. I'm bored. I live in Atlanta right now so i'm bored x10. But is this a good or bad thing? I been working my brain with this question since I slowed down the posts on Noodles & Rose (approx. 6 months now). I mean it's HUMAN NATURE. You experience the porsche and then that porsche does nothing for you anymore so you want the masarati.

Right now, my answer to my own question is that it is an exceptionally good thing. Believe it or not I started to question my taste in clothing. I wondered why everyone else thinks something is amazing when i'm unmoved. Was I "un-stylish?".... not at all, I just wanted something better.


Anyhoo... for my 21st birthday, which I will go more in depth about in another post, I went shopping. Or at least attempted to. I went to the basic, H&M, UO, F21, Zara, etc. I bought a new pair of chino's at zara and blouse at F21. Pitiful right? I couln't find ANYTHING that I really wanted. I'm very cheap so I won't buy something unless I really love and see potential in it. Everything in these stores were still stuck in plain jane, hipster fad, u kno like florals and such. It was nice when I was a senior in high school, now I am a junior in college. I was so glad to see many FW collections steering away from this but not everywhere is on that bandwagon yet so until I hit the jackpot I shall be clothes less. I mean not intentionally but I can't buy things that I dont like. One thing I am not is a conformist. I'm stubborn for all the right reasons.

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