Monday, May 9, 2011

the Prada "flatform"

I love love love these shoes but I have a feeling in 7 years they are going to turn out to be the "ew wth was I thinking back then" shoe that you pass by every half off sunday at the thrift store. I love the espadrille esque bottom, so maybe its the other platform material under that. Yepp, that's what it is. I like the blue but not the rigged grey. Although, if someone handed me a pair I would still wear them in a heart beat.

It won't be too long till F21 and other stores like it start selling flatforms and other styles like these.

Remember these?

Lykke Li heavy post

I will admit i have been borderline obsessed with lykke li...

She has been coming out with a lot of amazing videos lately to go with her wounded rhymes album. Her videos are extremely captivating and simple enough to run with. (right now i'm tempted to go off on a lady gaga tangent. I'll explain on another post >_<)

 Sadness is a Blessing:

Get some:

*sidenote: Prior to these videos I didn't know much about the directors she worked with like Johan Soderburg and Tarik Seleh. (if you know anything about their previous work please care to share, they did an amazing job)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Edita Vilkevičiūtė in Numero #123

She reminds me of all those gorgeous models in that 1980s film "Looker." They all had AMAZING cheek bones and bone structure.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

#just-in Jeffery Campbell Hiking Boots

I love and loved the Lita and I love this new version of her but I think they can rest on the new colors, materials, patterns for now. It's starting to get ridic, there are too many of them to keep up with :/ ... I still want them all though. #stubborngirl

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Summer wish list:

United Nude "Frame" Sandal
I need these shoes to come in nude :(

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