Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JC- Oh Boy

Jeffrey Campbell - OH BOY - Act II from FUTURE MACHINE on Vimeo.

I swear i saw lisa Bonet and gary colman at the end of the video.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


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Naomi Campbell on the cover of SS2011 pop magazine.

I don't care if this woman has serious anger issues or whatever. She is gorgeous. I always looked up to her and Grace Jones, not much for their tempers but for their crazy amount of confidence. When I was younger in middle school days I wasn't the most confident so I admired these two women. The way they carry themselves and look says that they demand respect.

image from tarsha at TheFashionSpot

Doo.Ri Fall 2011

I wish my closet had all of these looks from Doo.Ri right now. This woman gets it. Keep a woman looking like a woman no matter how complex the design is. If it's a suit or a draped dressed it "fits" the woman's body. I don't mean a design that "hugs" a woman's body, just one that compliments it. Her work is always consistant with drapes and jersey, and you know what your going to get. I honestly didn't like draped garments until I discovered her clothing. My ideal style is really this fall 2011 collection.

pictures from nymag

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Iris van Herpen X United Nude Synesthesia

...(picks up jaw) i can't anymore. Logs off computer.

Aloe & Cucumber Grit Scrub

After my hypertension scare Lola dropped off a whole bunch of healthy goods to my apartment that she expected me to "eat."Amongst these things included cucumbers and a Aloe Vera leaf. Both foods are supposedly linked to lowering blood pressure. I juiced and ate some but then I remembered how good both items are for your skin! Intense cold nights lead to scorching hot showers and that had really took a toll on my skin. Both rejuvenate the skin so I figured I'd make a nice scrub. Get rid of the dead stuff, in with the good stuff. At the time I definitely did not have enough salt or sugar so I used Grits and the rest of the sugar I had available.

you will need...

1 Cucumber
2/3 cup Aloe Vera gel
1/2 cup milk
2 tbsp honey
Sugar or Salt
1 tbsp lemon juice
favorite liquid soap packed with vitamin E or pure vitamin E

Juice or blend the cucumber by itself. Then blend in aloe vera gel, milk, honey, exfoliants, lemon juice, and vitamin E. The lemon juice helps keep the aloe from turning brown and the vitamin E is a good additive that kinda acts as a natural preservative because this scrub WILL go bad in a few days. DO refrigerate after making and using.

After using this scrub my skin became vibrant and soft. I added a little liquid soap to aid in the exfoliating process. If your skin is sensitive and gets red easy you might want to use an exfoliant that is gentler than grits.

*it smells AMAZING.

Iris van Herpen X United Nude Crystallization



Video: Wheatus- Teenage Dirtbag

I always felt some connection to this song because the girl's name mentioned was Noelle. The funny thing is I was usually in the guys position lol <-- dweeb :/

High School sucked.

What I'm Reading...

Savage Beauty

Anyone want to invite me to the Met ball this year? :)


the "curvy" lita...



A post expressing my absolute love and appreciation for JC shoes coming soon...

--- >

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I found over the weekend...

I saw these M.P.S pumps at off broadway shoes last summer and I was too chicken to buy them (1. cost 2. I walk like a ostrich in heels that high). Randomly last weekend I went back to Off Broadway shoes and saw them reduced by 50% so of course I bought them. I've been in love with the signature YSL hidden platform pumps and this shoe is the closest to them that I have found. Incase you can't make it out due to the picture quality they are black/leather. They also came in black patent leather but I dont think they have them anymore.

I don't know very much about the brand M.P.S, if you do please care to share what you know about them. They were retailed at $99 but I got them for around $50 something.

Thinking about...

Right now i'm sitting in Political Science, my professor is talking about approval ratings, this federal shut down and such. Me, i'm suffering from borderline ADD or just a case of classroom boredom. I been thinking about the name of my blog a lot lately. Noodles & Rose. I and a friend came up with the name 3 years ago in my freshman dorm, bored, which is usually when I came up with my best ideas. The name was supposed to depict a lifestyle which by the name, is pretty self explanatory. Now i'm 21, and a junior in college. Like anyone with a blog for some years, I get bored. I'm bored right now with the name. I don't know, maybe it's just me. It may also be from the increase of "_____ & ______" names and twitter names like "@RoseMami69, @LadyRose4u.. etc." It is annoying as HELL. And then I dont even eat noodles anymore, it has too much sodium. Kidding, even when I did eat a lot of ramen noodles, "Noodles" was supposed to be "symbolic" of course.

Change the name or no?

What I'm Reading ...

Good article about Dame Dash's new vintage store in Tribeca. The article talks about their view on vintage and thrifted clothing. Read this

via. NY Times

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My boyfriend put me on these the other day while shopping. He kept saying "I'm looking for these Espadrilles in Zara." And I'm like "Espaaaa wha?" We then ended up at Zara and he showed me a striped pair that he wanted. "Oooohh ok, I see what shoes your talking about" I recognized the style of shoe but had no idea it had a specific name. Ever since then every where I go I see a different style of Espadrille shoe, whether at store or on the web. They seem like a perfect shoe for the summer so I compiled a few that i liked...

1. American Retro -python effect wedges $491
2. Christian Louboutin $495
3. Missoni- Flats $292.80
4. Guiseppe Zanotti $821.40
5. Forever 21 $14.80

The Row

I absolutely adore the Olsen twins and like most kids of the 90's I grew up on their shows and movies. Until about a few days ago I had no idea about their clothing line "The Row." Their style has formed throughout the years and is now iconic so for them to have their own line is only right. I looked over the Fall 2011 collection for The Row and I fell in love. The twins are one of my number one fashion inspirations so I instantly "linked" to every look from the collection. The collection is sexy, bold, feminine but still a little soft. The Row is WOMANLY. The twins incorporated classic fall colors with fur and leather textures. I read in a intrerview with them in vogue, and they stated how they want every peice to be something that can be worn seprately as it's own and it definatley shows. You can actually see "them" in this collection. I think the models are wearing tassel earrings which went brilliantly with the collection. Yes and they incorporated "the slipper!" ...

*Slipper tangent"...

I have a pair of black slippers that I plan on wearing a lot this summer. I dont care if they are velvet or black lol... I am in the search of leopard slippers though like the ones also shown in the collection. If you know where they are please tell me o_O ..


... I'm not even going to lie, I was SURPRISED when I saw this collection. Yes they have amazing style but it is very rare that you see actresses, singers, etc have successful clothing lines. But the Olsen twins are different, from what I see from here they are hardworking women that take themselves and what they do very seriously. I think this is the main reason why I respect them so much.

pictures from NYmag

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Babies ..JC

Who doesn't love pastels???!! And then again, who doesn't love Jeffery Campbell shoes??! ... only a hag of course.

.... and more Lita's, 99 tie's and Mariel's in these colors.