Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My boyfriend put me on these the other day while shopping. He kept saying "I'm looking for these Espadrilles in Zara." And I'm like "Espaaaa wha?" We then ended up at Zara and he showed me a striped pair that he wanted. "Oooohh ok, I see what shoes your talking about" I recognized the style of shoe but had no idea it had a specific name. Ever since then every where I go I see a different style of Espadrille shoe, whether at store or on the web. They seem like a perfect shoe for the summer so I compiled a few that i liked...

1. American Retro -python effect wedges $491
2. Christian Louboutin $495
3. Missoni- Flats $292.80
4. Guiseppe Zanotti $821.40
5. Forever 21 $14.80

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