Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Row

I absolutely adore the Olsen twins and like most kids of the 90's I grew up on their shows and movies. Until about a few days ago I had no idea about their clothing line "The Row." Their style has formed throughout the years and is now iconic so for them to have their own line is only right. I looked over the Fall 2011 collection for The Row and I fell in love. The twins are one of my number one fashion inspirations so I instantly "linked" to every look from the collection. The collection is sexy, bold, feminine but still a little soft. The Row is WOMANLY. The twins incorporated classic fall colors with fur and leather textures. I read in a intrerview with them in vogue, and they stated how they want every peice to be something that can be worn seprately as it's own and it definatley shows. You can actually see "them" in this collection. I think the models are wearing tassel earrings which went brilliantly with the collection. Yes and they incorporated "the slipper!" ...

*Slipper tangent"...

I have a pair of black slippers that I plan on wearing a lot this summer. I dont care if they are velvet or black lol... I am in the search of leopard slippers though like the ones also shown in the collection. If you know where they are please tell me o_O ..


... I'm not even going to lie, I was SURPRISED when I saw this collection. Yes they have amazing style but it is very rare that you see actresses, singers, etc have successful clothing lines. But the Olsen twins are different, from what I see from here they are hardworking women that take themselves and what they do very seriously. I think this is the main reason why I respect them so much.

pictures from NYmag

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