Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thinking about...

Right now i'm sitting in Political Science, my professor is talking about approval ratings, this federal shut down and such. Me, i'm suffering from borderline ADD or just a case of classroom boredom. I been thinking about the name of my blog a lot lately. Noodles & Rose. I and a friend came up with the name 3 years ago in my freshman dorm, bored, which is usually when I came up with my best ideas. The name was supposed to depict a lifestyle which by the name, is pretty self explanatory. Now i'm 21, and a junior in college. Like anyone with a blog for some years, I get bored. I'm bored right now with the name. I don't know, maybe it's just me. It may also be from the increase of "_____ & ______" names and twitter names like "@RoseMami69, @LadyRose4u.. etc." It is annoying as HELL. And then I dont even eat noodles anymore, it has too much sodium. Kidding, even when I did eat a lot of ramen noodles, "Noodles" was supposed to be "symbolic" of course.

Change the name or no?

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