Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kanye West- Spaceship Ft Consequence & GLC

I used to have this song on reply back when i first heard it. It was pretty much one of my inspirations going through high school while learning a bit about independence and the real world. I vowed to myself that i will go beyond the normal 9 to 5, major in nursing,teaching, working for some asshole doing something that i'll die doing type bullshit. Just watching people everyday living life like that is depressing. The sad thing is that education today is beating this idea into these children's heads. In Elementary school they told us that we can be whatever we want to be from an astronaut to a rockstar and we were so enthusiastic about it then. Now, from high school to college its about playing it safe, give up your old dreams, and do what everyone else is doing. Too many people today fall into that trap and live their lives with what ifs and regrets. What we living here is temporary, I'm just tryna live it up and enjoy it with the time i got.

Stay far from timid, only make moves when ya hearts in it, and live the phrase Sky's the limit, mutherf*cka, see ya'll chumps on top -Biggie

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