Monday, November 10, 2008

Frekn luvv these grls : Influence

Okay, so i hit borders yesturday to do my regular: flip through sum mags, sip sum iced coffee, nd read some books. Also the store called me earlier in the week to tell me that new MK+A book that i orderd has arrived. The book is AMAZING. It's basically about the people whom influenced them. In it i found pleasently detailed interviews with fashion icons such as Karl Legarfeld, Christian Louboutin, Dian Von furstenberg and more! I enjoyed reading their interview with Karl Legarfeld the most. The man is amazing. Get this, he even talks about his weight loss and diet. The pictures are beautiful, the book is pure Art. These girls are doing what most people have to much pride to do: give bookoo props to the people who influenced them just like us nor-mal people do. Im tired of people walkin around like " I started this shit!". Put the diddy shades down, we are all "swagger" jackers, steez stealers, watever u wana call it...this is fashion; live it, embrace it, recycle it, dont take away from it!

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