Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Half off Wednesdays

i had a blast hangin with my cousins during the holiday break. I swear all we did was shop, eat, and sleep. lol. Before droppin some at Lenox we decided to take a quick stop at a goodwill and a salvation army. For those who dont know; these are actually thrift stores. Instead of goin to urban outfitters and spending 50 on a flannel, you can cop one for 4 dollars ( 2$ on half off wednesdays). My causin even found a members only jacket for like $1.50.

I definatly recomend stopping at one to drop some change and save some cash. just make sure you wash those clothes after you buy em!


Johnathon said...

Yo I promise I been tellin NIGGAS about these stores lmfao!
Johnny B!

elle.no said...

word !