Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009:Year of Progress

a year without hardships doesn't give any room for growth. I'm still growing into the young woman i want to be. whether it was trials in school, life as an independent and miles away from home, or my hole-filled pockets.

my new years resoultions:
1. get healthier. i dont believe in diets. hence the word "die" in it. i feel as though people go to the extreme and sometimes starve themselves when they want to lose weight or become more healthy. I want to eat more nutritional foods and exercise more.
2. Make money. I want jobs. Not just one, but more. Its the little bits of jamaican in me that urge me to want it. I also just like to stay busy. I want side hustles, a main job, and an internship. All of those are currently in the works.
3. My main goal is to get on my grind with this blog. whether its posting or promoting. i want noodles and rose' to be out there with a popular name. so although we had a delay. its time to grind.

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