Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Queen of B's

Britney Spears, Circus sold 505,000 units in her first week.
Beyonce Knowles, I am Sasha Fierce sold 482,400 units in her first week.

Beyonce had two videos, new movie (Cadillac Records), and intentionally publicizes her marriage for promo.....Britney had a breakdown, baldy, and blue wig.

The Sasha Fierce LP is actually decent. I have a good solid 5 tracks i listen to on the reg. But hey, Hoo-rah for spears. maybe Circus is crakk after all.


Joshua said...

despite brittney breakdown and according to her picture displayed on her album cover brittney looks disent and freed from all her mental derangements (surprise face)-Josh

elle.no said...

britney's album was ok, not as good as the last one (blackout). im just glad that she is bouncing bak. she got this track on the album called blur that is pretty dope.