Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 : Year of Growth

Omg 2008. I really dont think anyone could understand the amount i took in this year. All can say is God put me through it. If i told you all the nitty gritty i been through, you probaly would think it was a movie. And then a lot of you would understand why i am the way i am. Im such a private person now that even my loved ones reading this will have no clue what im talkin about. Aside from that stuff, i can say that ive got my heart broken for the first and last time, i lost 2 amazing loved ones, i turned 18 , started college, lost friends, was a victim to this horrible recession which caused my life and lifestyle to make an complete 180, and for the first time started to live on my own. As much as i hated going through these challeges and heartbreak, i am glad God put me through it because im so amazed with the person i am now. Ive learned so much and i see 2009 being a great year because of it. God is preparing me for something truley amazing.
Also, About almost a year ago, january 2008, i created this blog to share my love for art. The expression and application of creative skill and imagination produced to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power. To be more specific; fashion, music, and lifestyle. the post will still keep comin, hopefully faster lol in 09.

Some New Year resolutions ( im hoping i mite actually follow through with them by me postin em up on here lol)
1. Vegan by the end 09 (i think this mite b accomplished my next month actually)
2. Oprah will kno my name
3. give a lot more time to help those less fortunate
4. win the lotto
5. get a cat and dog and manage to stay alive around them (im allergic)
6. finally leav the past in the dam past
7. to get what i want
8. utalize spell check =P

miami plans got cancled so i gotta figure out what the hell im doing tonight. ugh. all i can say is 09 better be lovely. o shit, nd Obama is our president! =) its really sinkin in now. But yea, I hope those who are reading this and those who are not have a BLESSED 2009+. Thanks for the love.


Anonymous said...

year of growth huhh, i like that shit. if u dont grow then ur simply in a state of stagnation, and that produces nothing, so I commend you on your growth. o9 is new 08 is through,i hope u live out ya new years resolutions keep doing ya thing elle. no said...

thanks =)

london kid said...

Vegan huh? lol
and i see we both got caught up
in very personal & heartbreaking things.
What don't kill you can only make you stronger. I'm seeing big things this year and you will too.
'09 baby!! whoooo!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck