Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Style vs. fashion

So right now i am sitting in the chem building at my school. yes CHEM building. (I'll go into that explanation in another post lol) There has been a little kink in my head that has been bugging me. It seems to me a lot of people today that are amidst of fads mistaken style from fashion. Yes, the two cross paths many times but they are NOT the same. At least to me that is.

Ok... "Fashion Fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Not everyone has style. Good style. What is "style" to me?
A: Timelessness. Fads could never compete with style. Style involves a combination of fashion, time, and experiences that will result in longevity.

During this big "Fashion Boom" (fashion Boom: Like a baby boom, except with stylists, fashion bloggers, designers, photographers, and people of that nature) I've witnessed in Atlanta over the past few years I've realized many people do not understand the difference between fashion and style. People can wear as many designer bags, shoes, shirts, watches, socks, underwear, and jeans as they want but what are they claiming to understand, and therefor what are they claiming to love.

But anyhoo, I am going to leave it at that.

"Fads are annoying, don't get cought up in the hype,
you will end up in stagnicity (if that is even a word)" -me

my grammar is horrible, i'm tired of trying to fix it, but u get the point :)

thanks to a reader for the correction lol. It is stagnation not stagnicity :)


A. Lewis, Poet and Gentleman said...

I most definitely agree.

* and the word would be "stagnation." lol. :)

noelle said...

LOL thanks!