Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brain malfunction. not working #wTH

Fashion Blogging/Bloggers. ok i’m going to dig into it.

If most of you didn’t know, i started this blog back in 2008 called Noodles & Rosé. I was a lonely 18 year in her first year of “traditional” college. I had no friends, no one to chat fashion with and a ton of boredom so i made a blog. I posted almost everyday about fashions and art that fascinated me. Now since then “Blogging” has been on the come up and almost everyone has a “fashion” blog. Does it irritate me? yes. It’s like the best friend you u have that you don’t want to share. Yea, thats how i feel. It kinda turned me off from the fashion blogging thing. I call it a thing because it’s not as serious as people are making it now. People strive off of 2 things: money and popularity. You do the math on where i’m going with this.

Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh…

(random thought rant, excuse me.)

… my love for fashion stays the same. It’s just the fads are making me make the rubbing me the wrong way look. eehhh. I think i just need to seclude myself from television and twitter for a little bit. My mind needs a VACA!

i tried to find an image for this post. i googled blank mind and this is what came up. mk.


ok. i'm over it. back to blogging

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