Friday, August 7, 2009

RIP John Hughes

omg. this man ran the movies of the 80's. Until today, I wasn't too fond of who he was and wasn't aware that he directed almost all the movies that are under my list of favorites. His movies were hilarious and always entertaining. Even though i grew up during the 90's, his movies were a big part of my childhood. I swear i could watch those movies over and over again.

Some of his movies include "Curly Sue", "Home Alone", "Wierd Science", "Ferris Buellers Day Off", "Breakfast Club", "Pretty in Pink", "Mr.Mom", "Uncle Buck", "Sixteen Candles", "Dennis the Menace"...the list goes on! Unfortunately he passed away yesterday of a heart attack. Here are some clips of my top 2 movies by him:

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