Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Leaders: Meet Passe

Meet Mark and Rhoxi, creators of the blog Passe. There blog is definatly something to follow up on. They write about everything from fashion, life and their everyday ventures.

1. When and how did you guys come up with the idea for P&P?
I (mark) have always had a vision and attachment with history and art as a kid. Passe has always been in us ever since I was a kid drawing dragonball on our walls in our saudi arabia place or building gundams in our philippine house. But, the name formed a few years ago essentially to epitomize culture and history in a word. Which at that time was PRIMITIVE, but due to some problems we ended with what is now Passe'; french for "something that has been done"--it carries a big negative connotation in the word. But, we like it, we believe in it. Using a negative as a positive afterall our past isn't so pretty, but Passe represents the knowledge of our past and the idea that our society is formed from our past.

2. Everyone has a direct purpose for creating their blogs, what where yours? What kind of audience did you want to target?
An awareness of knowledge and the sociological construct is what I want for people to get out of us. Break the norms and the typical things we see in our everyday lives, be different "ITS COOL" lol. I mean it is to show our passion and love for art, knowledge, and fashion. But, I believe it's to bring back the quintessential artists in us. There's a lot of blogs and movements out there, but our true purpose is to just show growth and appreciation for what we love and do.

3. Where are you guys from/based?
Well we were born in the Philippines and traveled everywhere, but now we live in Los Angeles, California

4. The both of you have very unique styles, what every day things influenced it (people,movies,music,artist,designers)?
Rhoxi:I can honestly, just my everyday life and Life in general is my influence for my style. I can be inspired by something random like a piece of art, what I'm feeling that day, or something from a runway show. My style is me, my life.

Mark: Yeah well I've always been the odd ball in everything I do, so it's only right that I incorporate that within my stye. My style consists of well invested high end things with a classical piece. I don't remember ever walking out the house with having bally's on or any piece that's highly valued. It's a "lifestyle"--really it is. We eat, sleep, breathe this. My father used to rock YSL,Bally,Versace, so, I get some of the things from him he inspires me and also the places I have visited. You wanna tell a story with the way you dress, act, walk ,speak, etc.

5. Who are your favorite designers/clothing lines, and why?
Rhoxi: Hmm. I do not have a favorite designer. How I see it is. Being a designer is a job and all of them are the best at what they do, incorporating something new to this fashion world everyday whether only five people know and appreciate it or 5 million people. Everyone is offering something different, raw ideas, and there's always beauty I find in each from simply the fabric selection or the way the zipper was sawn on to a garment so having a favorite is questionable because I respect and admire each and every designer

Mark: Alber Elbaz I think truly capsulates my idea for a well dressed man lately within the S/S F/W 08-09 in Lanvin. But, Ralph Lauren has always been what I had on ever since a kid. Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Cardin, Yohji yamamoto Gianni Back when it was the golden days of versace, Jeremy Scott, These are just a few, I can go for days.

6. I read on your blog that the two of you have a clothing line in the works. What can we expect from your pieces and how is it coming along?
Well the clothes have always been another purpose to why we do this, if not the heart so to speak. Well within the time we've had we're still in the process of having a proper platform and getting our theme right at the spot. We're sort of limited within the dimension we're able to do being that it's early in our careers, but we'll see how it comes along. We'll be alright. We don't work to satisfy the mass it's to educate and improve.

7. How did you guys get started with styling?
Well we've always been consulting people for style, giving tips and such. But, before when we had we recieved a lot of views, I mean 50,000 and more in a 2 weeks. But, anyway turns out Polo the Don and his engineer had been on our site with the word given by my stylist friend and from there we went on.

8. What other projects are you currently working on.
We are currently building a massive transformer called PASSE PRIME lol, kidding. We'll let's see we're working a lot on the clothes and the collaboration for the brain caps,people might see me with from time to time. Basically building family relationships with companies. You will see a lot this summer, I promise.

9. What advice can you give others that want to pursue creative jobs such as styling and designing?
Rhoxi:One advice, don't be scared to play around with your creativity. I see it as being given a specific art to paint and its pretty much painting on a plain canvas using your creative ideas within you. and Believe in what you're capable of doing because everything starts with YOU

Mark:I know a lot of people say this, but It's all about belief in yourself. Fuck (sorry for the language) the school. If the doors aren't opening or there aren't any--build your own. Know and understand your true passion and purpose- then just kill and deliver at what you do. Perfect it.
I always found it foolish to build another product of yourself when styling, I think people have that misconception that your suppose to make them look like you , NO! My sister and I are the portfolio to our work. But, we consult style based from the attitude and everything else of our client.

10. Anything else you would like to add?
Rhoxi:First, I want to Thank you Noelle for this splendid interview. But, I want to thank everyone for the Love and appreciation for Passe. There's no better feeling to know people appreciate your craft and what we're about, so thank you! :) Stay tune for our line and stay connected with us...
Twitter prmtve_passe.

"We are what we will never be...Passe."

Mark: Knowledge is power, School is cool, but you can be Please dig within yourself and culture and better yourself everyday every season. We are all a product of society, we conducted this for us to all fit in, change that and be different. After that you've completed a good life( and have ice cream,girls and sunglasses.)

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