Saturday, February 28, 2009

i never liked rollercoasters....

my life is a never ending roller coaster. Unfortunately 09 isnt running as smoothly as i thought it would be due to some bad descions ive made. ugh but thats life. ive been pretty m.i.a lately, not jus from my blog, but from everything around me (friends, fam, social life, ugh and my weight lol). But anyhoo, ask anybody, i HATE roller coasters. i hate that feeling you get when ur strapped in the seat, sick to ur stomach wondering what the hell u jus got urself into and i hope the man controlling the roller coaster doesnt eff up because u havnt taken over the world yet! But then theres nothing like the end of a roller coaster. You just sitting and laughing and for some odd reason, aside from all the emotions it put you through within that 2 minutes and 53 seconds u end up actually liking that roller coaster. or at the end of it u end up hating it so much that u learned to never get on it again. ugh at the end of all this bs i hope everything going on in my life will turn out like this.

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