Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing: Siditty Misses

Over the weekend i had the pleasure to get aquainted with Atlanta's Candace Talbert Finley and her new clothing line, Siditty Misses. I love, love, love the clothing and what it stands for. Siditty Misses is a good blend of modern trendy meets 1950s pin up which i definatly see coming back in the future. Luella did it for it's SS2010 collection and recieved a lot of good views. Im so ready for the bows, the big hair, curve hugging clothing and mini winehouses running around.

Who are the names behind Siditty Misses?
I am the Owner and Designer of the line, my name is Candace Talbert Finley, A very good friend of mine handles the sewing her name is Choua Thao.

Describe your line in 3 words.
over the top.

When did you come up with the idea for the line and what do you want it to stand for.
I've been thinking about doing this for nearly 2 years, its morphed a little bit while i've been mulling it over. I've grown in that time and that why it has both girly things and street wear because I wanted it to encompass two of my favorite aspects of fashion. I want my line to stand for fun, tea parties and be utterly sickening! I want my line to inspire glares of jealousy when its on the backs of girls who are ballsy enough to rock Siditty Misses.

The bows to me look like they will be your signature piece, how did you come about with the idea of these oversized bows?
The bows are the first collection I am doing, yes it will be a signature piece, however, as time goes you all will see less bows (I doubt they will ever leave the line entirely). The bows are just fun, and a tad ridiculous... something like me. I was sketching while thinking of pin-up girls and cartoons and it came to me.

What is the price range of your clothing?
Currently Siditty Misses is ranged from $20-$45

Im excited to see what future pieces you have up your sleeve, can you give us an idea on what to expect in the near future for Saditty Misses?
The future of Siditty Misses might look like a pin-up girl is going on a safari on Mars, or perhaps a chick for the suburbs is going to a party in the hood! Ha! Collections for us will be kinda haphazard just stay tuned, I will say this... expect more dresses.

Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
I love Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B, Betsey Johnson, and Marc Jacobs to name a few, they are fun... never too stuffy, thats what I enjoy. Don't get me wrong designers like Tory Burch, Chloe, Versace, Dolce and lines like that but I love fun stuff more.

How do you feel about the design scene in Atlanta, and what do you want to bring to it?
The design scene in Atlanta is cool, I don't really know many designers personally but I enjoy a lot of their work. I feel like Atlanta doesn't get enough credit, being from California I assumed that the south would be "late",I've learned Atlanta is pretty much an unsung hero to Southern Style. I hope to bring fun, sass, lace and a little Sidittyness!

Anything else you would like the readers to know?
The site Launches NOVEMBER 11TH! SIDITTYMISSES.COM Follow us on Twitter @Sidittymisses Siditty Misses.... It ain't for everybody. Kissy- BYE

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