Friday, September 11, 2009

Thrifting? FAQ

Yes Thrifting. If you didn't know, it's when you go to stores such salvation army, goodwill, the clothing warehouse, or other independent vintage clothing stores and buy clothing that is raw and original and not a overpriced copy like what you would see at stores. Do keep in mind though, it is not for the impatient. lol

Why would you shop vintage/thrift?
It's a money saver and sometimes you cant find that raw fit and style that modern clothing lines don't supply. It also keeps that person from spending too much money on fads that come and go. I'm going to use the flannel/buffalo plaid button down trend as an example. You can buy one of those shirts for no less than $50 dollars at urban outfitters or you can go to the infamous Salvation Army's half off Wednesdays and cop one for as low as two dollars.

It also allows you to think. For example, i purchased a long wrap skirt that had the bombest pattern. i whipped the scissors and sewing machine out and turned it into a short fish bowl shaped skirt. i spent about four dollars on what would have been around a yard and a half amount of great material.

The best part about it, you wont be among the three girls at the party who are all waring the same dress from forever 21 or H&M.

Have these clothes been worn before
yes. If you do chose to thrift the clothes are usually washed before being hung, but i always wash them again right when i get home. Unless if the material of the garment doesn't permit, hot/warm water is a plus.

So I should purchase my whole outfit at a thrift store and always shop thrift?
No, unless if the outfit is that amazing. The best way to rock vintage is to mix it with clothing that you can splurge some money on. The key is mix old with new. Don't purchase your whole out fit at a store; you can accent them with vintage pieces.

Price range?
one dollar and up. It depends on what your looking for. Don't expect to spend five dollars on vintage Chanel unless if you happened to walk into a thrift store that doesn't understand what they have their hands on. You would be extremely lucky. It all depends on what store you go to and what kind of items they sell. if you want to keep it basic and get things that you would see in forever 21, h&M or urban outfitters, stick to the simple thrift shops.

Leave comments, advice, questions or even good thrift stores you know in your area...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the sound advice. i never actually thought of thrifting but it sounds like a fantastic idea. how often do you thrift shop?